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Full Planning Application

Where works are not carried-out by a homeowner to their own home, a general planning application (also known as a full planning application) will be required. There are some exceptions to this e.g. where applications relate to buildings within a Conservation Area, a Listed Building etc.

General planning applications consist generally of planning application forms (which contain details about the proposed development), detailed drawings showing the existing site or building and the proposed development and supporting documentation.

General planning applications are submitted to the local planning authority with the relevant planning application fee. Local Planning Authorities have a statutory timescale for dealing with a planning application. This is set nationally. For most applications, this is currently 8-weeks.

For most relatively small building works, planning applications are dealt with under delegated powers, where the application will be assessed and a decision made by the appointed planning officer and the planning team.

For larger or complex planning applications or situations where there may be questions about or objections against the proposals, applications may be referred to a planning committee.

Delegated Powers

Most average planning applications are dealt with under what is known as Delegated Powers. This is where the application is decided by the planning team, on the basis of the planning officer’s report on the application proposals. The national statutory timescale for the planning application process is currently 8-weeks.

Planning Committee

Where planning applications are complex they may be referred to a planning committee. This tends to be the case for larger planning applications, applications in Conservation Areas, to listed buildings etc. or areas of particular public interest. Any application can be referred to the planning committee if it is of a particularly complex nature or where there are objections from members of the public.

Where applications are referred to a planning committee, the planning officer and planning team make a recommendation within the 8-week planning period and this is then taken to the committee. The application is considered by a planning committee which generally includes members of the planning department as well as local Councillors. Interested parties also have the opportunity to make representations at a planning committee.

A decision (by vote) is generally made at the planning committee although in some cases applications may be deferred if additional information is thought to be helpful or necessary.

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