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Certificate of Lawfulness

Under English planning law, all building works require planning consent. However, the legislation allows various dispensations, one of which is the creation of Permitted Development rights (under the General Permitted Development Order).

Permitted Development rights allow certain building works and changes-of-use without formal planning consent, provided they comply with strict guidelines as set out in the act. Interpretation of compliance with the guidelines remains with local authority planning departments.

Where you intend to carry-out works under Permitted Development, it is good practice to apply for a Certificate of Lawfulness. Where a Certificate of Lawfulness is granted it effectively confirms the local planning authority’s agreement with the interpretation of the legislation.

It should be noted that the sequence of construction works is important as in some instances this can affect, whether or not works can be classed as Permitted Development.

Important note:

Please be aware that a Certificate of Lawfulness only reflects the law at the date of the making of the application. If you leave implementation for any period of time, you should always check whether there has been any change in legislation.

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