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Eyles Di Paola Architects | Building Regulations

What Type Of Building Regulations Do I Need?

All but the very smallest of building works require approval from the local authority Building Control department.

Our approach to technical design and Building Regulations drawings is informed by many years of experience in designing and constructing buildings.

We can prepare Building Regulations and construction drawings for your project.

Building Regulations approval is required for most building work in the UK. Building Regulations that apply across England and Wales are set out in the Building Act 1984 (those that apply across Scotland are set out in the Building (Scotland) Act 2003).

The detailed requirements of the Building Regulations in England and Wales are currently scheduled under 15 separate headings, each described in Approved Documents and designated by a letter (“Part A” to “Part R”), and covering various elements of construction work.

Approved Documents

The regulations made under the Act have been periodically updated, rewritten or consolidated, with the latest and current version being the Building Regulations 2010. The current approved documents are:

  • Part A: Structure
  • Part B: Fire Safety
  • Part C: Site preparation and resistance to contaminates and moisture
  • Part D: Toxic Substances
  • Part E: Resistance to the passage of sound
  • Part G: Sanitation, hot water safety and water efficiency
  • Part H: Drainage and Waste Disposal
  • Part J: Combustion appliances and fuel storage systems
  • Part K: Protection from falling, collision and impact
  • Part L: Conservation of fuel and power
  • Part M: Access to and use of buildings
  • Part N: Glazing Safety (withdrawn)
  • Part P: Electrical safety
  • Part Q: Security
  • Part R: Physical infrastructure for high speed electronic communications networks

If you would like more information on specific aspects of the Building Regulations, please click the relevant link in our site links.